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February 14, 2022
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Clash of Clans Mod APK is the changed form of the Clash of Clans that has its own private servers and gives limitless jewels and assets. In addition to the asset, you likewise get a military camp of thousand limit. You can download the most recent adaptation of COC Mod APK on our website. It has city center 14, every one of the new soldiers, spells and attack machines like a talent scout, undetectable spell, log launcher, and so forth Imperial Champion with max 30 level is additionally added to it.

Supercell is notable for its Clash n-methodology games. Clash of Clans is one of them and has in excess of 500,000,000 downloads on the play store. 9 years have passed it’s as yet well known in the Clashing scene. It has 23 distinct soldiers, for example, electro mythical serpents, healers, sasquatches, ice golems, talent scouts, etc.,12 various spells including another imperceptible spell, and 5 attack machines to convey your faction palace troops. With these numerous assortments of troops and spells, you can think of many assault techniques to overcome your adversary bases. Join a group to visit with your companions, take an interest in wars and tribe war associations for reward plunder and awards. In some cases it likewise called COC Cheat Mod APK.

Clash of Clans sent off Town Hall 14 the day hammer jam occasion finished as we said in our other post. TH14 configuration depends on the backwoods subject with old pictograms and pictographs. There are new soldiers levels, protection levels, and saints levels. New snares are additionally added to th14. Be that as it may, the most marvelous highlights in this update are Pets and another free Jungle landscape for Town Hall 14 players. Actually look at the accompanying tables for the Town Hall 14 subtleties.

Mod Features of Clash of Clans

City center 14 has a similar Giga Inferno however with five additional levels.

City center 14, when annihilated, will drop a Poison Bomb. It will harm the foes and slow their assault and development speed.

New snares are added: 1 Air Bomb, 1 Seeking Mine, 1 Skeleton Trap, 1 Bomb, and 1 Giant Bomb.

25 New Walls

+1 Level of Laboratory, All Storages, Clan Castle, Bomb, Walls, and Bomb

+1 Level of Cannons, Hidden Tesla, Bomb Tower, Eagle Artillery, Scattershot, Inferno Towers

New Levels for Barbarian, Archer, Header, Wall Breaker, Baby Dragon, Minion, Valkyrie and Ice Golem

New levels for Clone and Poison

+10 Levels for Barbarian King

+10 Levels for Archer Queen

+5 New Levels for Grand Warden

+5 New Levels for Royal Champion

Furthermore other equilibrium changes

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4 Unique Hero Pets

With this new Town Hall 14 update, Supercell presented 4 legend pets. You can allot all pets to every saint. Your decision will go with whom. To open Hero Pets, you really want to purchase Pet House from the shop. See the accompanying table of Pet House redesign information:

  • A.S.S.I 15M
  • Electro Owl
  • Mighty Yak
  • Unicorn 5

You can redesign Hero Pets with Hammer of Heroes or use Book of Heroes very much like Heroes. Likewise they have capacities that you can open by updating them to even out 5 and 10. Each pet has novel capacities.


L.A.S.S.I is a machine little guy or you can say an adorable little robot doggy. It’s reach is 2.5 tiles around the Hero and assaults the closest structure with development speed of 20. Supercell neglected to give it stream wings and rockets. That is the reason it can target single ground units and structures. With his capacity opened, he can get around the dividers.

Electro Owl

Electro Owl is our subsequent Hero Pet that assaults with his lightning powers. He needn’t bother with Thor’s Hammer for lightning. He utilizes his powers better compared to Thor and I would not joke about this. Electro Owl never leaves his Hero’s side and focuses on a similar structure as the Hero’s. He changes his assault range as indicated by the Hero he is appointed to. Open his capacity and his assault will ricochet to a close by target as well.

Strong Yak

Strong Yak has a skull and horns as extreme as tungsten and he jumps at the chance to test his durability against the dividers and structures. His reach is 7 tiles around the Hero and arrangements region harm with development speed of 24. Open and update his capacity and he will bargain more harm to dividers.


Unicorn is our fourth Hero Pet which is something like Healer. It mends the Hero it is alloted with. You can’t mend superintendent (in air) with Healers yet Unicorn can. It follows the allocated legend with development speed of 16 and never leaves his/her side.

Fight Builders

Manufacturer Huts are protective structures now!!! Indeed, you read right. Your town’s most established individuals, Builders, likewise joined the guarded powers now. You can redesign Builder Hut on Town Hall 14 and transform the cottages into guarded structures with a bow very much like Queen’s bow. It will assault the adversary in air and ground in the scope of 6 tiles. That is not all. Developer will likewise fix the close by working during the fight. No adversary can target him. Just toxin and freeze spells can dial him back and lightning spells can reset his fixing.

Starter Pass For Low Level Town Halls

To offer more help to new players in Clash of Clans, Supercell presented another sort of pass very much like Silver and Gold Pass. In this Starter Pass, there is no time limit as long as you stay beneath TH7. On every Town Hall from 2 to 6, new difficulties will open for the player. Past difficulties will stay even subsequent to moving up to the following TH level. There are a complete 5000 focuses. Players will get Gold Rune and Book of Building at 4800 and 5000 focuses individually . When you move up to TH7, then, at that point, you can appreciate Silver Pass and furthermore purchase Gold Pass.

New Clan Castle Donation System

With the new Town Hall 14, there are additionally changes in the faction palace troops gift framework to give a very much kept up with Clan Castle safeguard for all players. So there will be not any more overwhelmed troops in faction palaces for low-level players. Given soldiers level will rely upon the tribe palace level. Really look at the accompanying table:

For instance from the above table, in the event that you are a TH13 player and give inflatables to a player having level 3 tribe palace (20 cap), then, at that point, max inflatables will be diminished to even out 6 inflatables ( max expand level is 6 in lab level 7).

Why COC Mod APK?

Official Clash of Clans has severe ongoing interaction approaches and consistently upholds fair and safe interactivity. Any sort of modded will bring about your super durable id boycott. However, in COC Mod Apk, it has its own private servers and gives limitless jewels and assets. You won’t be restricted in these servers and partake in your Clash with limitless assets, yet in addition 10,000 armed force camp limit.

Best Private Servers

There are so many “Clash of Clans Private Servers”. Yet, not every one of them are working or refreshed. Numerous servers actually don’t have TH13 while many don’t uphold factions. In any case, you don’t need to burn through your time looking for the best Clash of Clans Mod APK. Pass on that part to us. We are here with the three well known Private Servers Mods: Clash of Lights, Clash of Null and PlenixClash. This large number of COC Private Servers give refreshes now and again. So you can have every one of the new soldiers, spells, attack machines, and the wide range of various new degrees of structures very much like the first Clash of Clans.

Features list

  • City center 14 in Clash of Clans Mod APK
  • Limitless Gems and Resources
  • All Single Player Goblin Stages
  • Multiplayer Attacks
  • Municipal center 13 Included
  • Imperial Champion Level 25 Added
  • All Siege Machines Included
  • Manufacturer Hall 9
  • Imperceptible Spell and Log Launcher Available
  • Each Super Troops Available including Super Wizard and Ice Hound
  • Cordial Challenges Supported
  • Groups, Clan Games and Donations
  • Hostile to Ban
  • Customary Updates
  • Highlights exhaustively

We have clarified the elements of Clash of Clans Mod APK in the accompanying areas. In the event that you want to find out about the highlights, read the accompanying:

Limitless Gems and Resources

Assets are utilized for everything in COC, from preparing to updating. You need to invest a great deal of energy gathering gold, remedy, and dim mixture. Without gold, you can’t scan the base for assaulting. What’s more jewels resemble a superior money that you can’t simply utilize them. Be that as it may, in this mod, you are getting limitless jewels and assets. You can utilize pearls all the more uninhibitedly and redesign anything in a moment.

All Single Player Goblin Stages

Troll stages have a great time as the multiplayer assaults. Troll stages have more guard and novel designs with so many group palace troops and hellfires, hawks, and x-bows. It’s more difficult than multiplayer assaults. Numerous players appreciate overcoming these stages. Clash of Clans Mod APK has all the troll stages in it.

Multiplayer Attacks

COC is about the multiplayer assaults, getting 3 stars on the rival, and climbing the leaderboard. You can assault in multiplayer in this mod. There are numerous private server mods that don’t uphold it. Be that as it may, there is no case like this in the referenced private server mod APKs.

City center 14 Included

City center 14 is remembered for this Clash of Clans Mod APK. You can partake in all the TH14 highlights like Giga hellfire, legend pets new structure levels, troops levels, and new protective structures. With the limitless assets and diamonds, it will invest in some opportunity to update every one of these as far as possible levels.

Developer Hall 9

Numerous COC Private Servers don’t give manufacturer corridor 9 as they give no most recent updates. Be that as it may, you can appreciate manufacturer base with developer lobby 9. Multiplayer assaults are additionally upheld in the developer base in this mod. So you can deal with the rival directly.

All Siege Machines Available

Attack machines are a significant piece of your military and assume an imperative part. You might remember to assault without certain soldiers or lord, yet you won’t ever remember to go on assaults without attack machines. Attack machines are only that significant at this point. That is the reason these COC Private Servers added each of the five attack machines in their most recent form.

Super Troops and Levels Added

Undetectable Spell, Super Wizard, Ice Hound, and log launcher are the last added spell and attack machines in the authority Clash of Clans. Also you can involve them in this mod as well. These Private Servers give refreshes at a standard time frame with the goal that you can partake in the most recent elements in the mod as well.

Hostile to Ban

As Clash of Clans Mod APK utilizes the Private Servers, you won’t be prohibited. You can play as long as you need and partake in every one of the highlights without stressing over anything. Additionally, there is no compelling reason to root your gadget.

Normal Updates

To keep you refreshed with every one of the new soldiers, attack, legends level, building levels, and occasions, Clash of Clans Mod APK give new updates occasionally. So you can appreciate everything in the authority Clash of Clans has with limitless jewels.

Simple Installation Guide

You can introduce the game in your gadget effectively with the accompanying advances.

  • Download Clash of Clans Mod APK.
  • Open your record chief and go to your download organizer
  • Discover the downloaded apk and open it.

On the off chance that it’s your first time introducing an application from the record supervisor, new authorization seems requesting the establishment of an application from obscure sources. Empower it. On the off chance that you have effectively gotten it done, overlook this progression.

Presently tap on the introduce button and sit tight for its fulfillment.

Presently open the introduced application and appreciate limitless jewels.


Clash of Clans Mod APK furnishes limitless diamonds and assets alongside the Town Hall 14, undetectable spell, super wizard, and every one of the new degrees of troops. It utilizes Private Server so there will be no record boycott. You can pick any of the three servers that suit you. What’s more with the ordinary updates, you will be fully informed regarding all troops levels. So the thing would you say you are sitting tight for? Simply Download COC MOD APK Latest Version from our website and appreciate Clashing. Have a decent day!

What's new

New Features:
● Attack twice in a row without having to wait in between with Extra Life for Heroes!
● Neat improvements to the Clan UI with additional information on your clan members’ activity and sorting options.
● Additional Quality of Life changes, including volume sliders for music and sounds, a faster way to take your next Clan Games task and AI improvements.


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