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Five years ago, Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas, a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption. Where filmstars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers.
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Download GTA San Andreas APK for Android. Assuming you are a bad-to-the-bone Grand Theft Auto fan and hoping to play the game on your Android gadget with the expectation of complimentary then you have come to the perfect locations.

Here we will give you GTA SA apk full form opened and complete profoundly packed sd information document. You will likewise get GTA San Andreas mod apk (under 26 MB) to hack and adjust the interactivity with limitless cash. We have shared the insights concerning how you can involve cheats in GTA SA and apply Cleo mod hacks.

A total bit by bit establishment manual for help you download and introduce the game alongside information documents free of charge on your Android telephone. We have all the GTA San Andreas apk variations accessible for all Android gadgets including the most recent 2.00 apk as well as 1.08 apk and 1.07 apk.

We as a whole know very well how famous the Grand Theft Auto gaming series are, and us as well as our folks are familiar it. It’s perhaps the most exceptionally messed around on all the stage for example GTA San Andreas. Furthermore the motivation behind why the game achieved this status is that it offers you the opportunity to go anyplace inside the game guide and investigate various regions, and that implies the open world climate game.

GTA SA offers different ongoing interactions and play modes that take care of the needs of pretty much every gamer including dashing, vehicle alterations, flying, bicycle hustling, cycling, shooting, theft, wars, multiplayer, and significantly more. You get to partake in every one of the flavors in a solitary game and the ceaseless mission and undertakings ensure the player makes want more and more.

The most effective method to Install GTA San Andreas Mod and OBB Data Here are the means to download and introduce GTA San Andreas mod and obb information on your Android gadget: Download the GTA San Andreas APK as well as the OBB information record from the connections given toward the start of this page. Once downloaded, switch off Wifi and Data on your Android gadget to prevent the GTA application from interfacing with the server.

Introduce the apk document.

Separate the obb information compress document and duplicate the “com.rockstargames.gtasa” organizer to this area on your Android:

SD Card/Android/obb/

Send off the game. It should work and won’t request information document prerequisites.

GTA San Andreas for Android Demo Video

Would you like to perceive how the GTA San Andreas portable computer game looks like on Android? Check the accompanying brief ongoing interaction video demo to discover more with regards to the game:

GTA San Andreas Working Cheat Codes

Rockstar Games has as of late added a more straightforward method for entering quick and easy bypasses into the GTA San Andreas portable rendition. All you want to have is an actual console, either Bluetooth or USB, then, at that point, you can type in the bypasses referenced underneath and it will be initiated right away. There is no compelling reason to download and introduce any outsider application for swindles now.

Get Health, Armor, and $250k: HESOYAM – CJ’s wellbeing and reinforcement bars will be full and the ledger will get $250,000 each time the cheat is entered.

However, boundless Health: BAGUVIX – Gives CJ endless wellbeing and he won’t take any harm from projectiles and being hit by a vehicle, falling will influence his wellbeing.

Endless Ammo: FULLCLIP – Gives limitless ammo and projectiles for the chose weapon set.

Endless Oxygen: CVWKXAM – This permits you to swim in the water or ocean without getting stressed over the draining oxygen bar.

Colossal BMX Hop: CJPHONEHOME – Allows your bicycle to arrive at more noteworthy statures and allows you to take your bicycle to where nobody at any point took.

Uber Jump: KANGAROO – You can bounce significantly higher than expected, which permits you to try and cross a few limits around the house.

Maxed Muscle: BUFFMEUP – Gives CJ the most extreme muscles and level up look without investing any energy or giving any work at the exercise center.

Maxed Lung Capacity: CVWKXAM – You can swim and investigate the submerged world for longer without expecting to emerge to top off your oxygen bar.

Jetpack: ROCKETMAN – Something that was presented in the San Andreas, permits you to drift around anyplace on the guide and surprisingly let you utilize your weapon.

Clear Police Wanted Level: ASNAEB – Even on the off chance that you have five stars needed level, which is almost difficult to make due, this code will rescue you securely.

Weapon Set 1 Professional: PROFESSIONALSKIT – Gives you a weapon set with M4, MP5, Rocket Launcher, Chainsaw, Pistol with Silencer.

Weapon Set 2 Thug: LXGIWYL – You will get a weapon set comprises of a 9mm Pistol, Baseball Bat, Uzi, Rocket Launcher, Spray Can, Molotov, Brass Knuckles, Pump Shotgun.

Weapon Set 3 Nutter: KJKSZPJ – Gives you a nutter firearm set that incorporates Sniper Rifle, Flame Thrower, M4, Shotgun, Knife, Fire Extinguisher, Grenades, Desert Eagle.

Amazing Car Handling: STICKLIKEGLUE – Once initiated, you will see every one of the vehicles you drive turns impeccably without bringing down or feeling weighty in any capacity.

There are chances that some quick bypasses probably won’t function true to form. All things considered, we will prescribe you to get the mods or outsider cheat applications introduced, concerning which we have effectively pre-arranged a rundown of working techniques alongside the aide.

About GTA San Andreas for Android

GTA: SA (additionally well known as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) is a famous and profoundly fruitful activity, third-individual shooter, driving, and RPG game by Rockstar Games and Rockstar North. It is a seventh gaming title in the series of Grand Theft Auto.

Like the interactivity structure followed by the past Grand Theft Auto series, the GTA San Andreas apk likewise gives you an intelligent third-individual view which gives you unlimited authority over the manner in which you need to connect with the open-world game climate. You can uninhibitedly wander around the areas, investigate shops, cafés, take vehicles and bicycles from the roads, and cause annihilation to the property and assault people on foot.

This life-like game mostly comprises of three urban communities for example Las Venturas, Los Santos, and San Fierro. Furthermore inside those urban communities, your personality is equipped for strolling, bouncing, swimming, running, and have the ability to utilize a wide assortment of horrendous weapons, drive various types of vehicles, fly helicopters, ride bikes, boats, prepares, and surprisingly those damaging tanks. Aside from taking vehicles from the residents, you can even import selective vehicles and afterward alter (by adding nitrous) to make them all the more impressive.

GTA San Andreas apk ongoing interaction Android

While trying to give the in-game world a practical touch, each of the areas incorporate tremendous locales of backwoods, deserts, lovely scenes, bumpy regions, lakes, and mountains. There are a few confined regions as well. You are allowed to play and move your personality around to investigate the in-game world.

GTA San Andreas is the principal game that brings probably the most surprising abilities to tweak the presence of the in-game person. To make it conceivable, there are dressing stores with embellishments, tattoo shops, beauty parlors, cafés, and surprisingly an exercise center.

Clearly, in the event that you power your personality to eat a great deal of food, he will become fat then you really want to take him to the rec center for exercises and preparing to make him solid and remain sound. On the off chance that you like GTA San Andreas game application, you may likewise need to look at the most recent Grand Theft Auto 5 for Android apk.

You Also like GTA San Andreas.

Presently you realize that there is a great deal to accomplish and achieve inside the game. Aside from those standard storyline missions that are obligatory to finish to open specific substance and regions, you are permitted to participate in little and fascinating side missions to bring in some extra in-game cash like:

Paramedics, where you pick harmed individuals from neighboring regions and drive them to the medical clinic. Thievery, where you need to break into the resident’s home during the long periods of obscurity and take costly things like a TV without being gotten by the police.

Taxi, where you fill in as a cab driver to pick and drop travelers.

You can then burn through all that brought in cash at different degrees including shopping, food, vehicle adjustments, actual appearance, bringing in vehicles, betting, and a few different viewpoints.

On the off chance that you are coming up short on cash or need to get vehicles without bringing in them then you can utilize hacks and cheats like CLEO mods scripts with GTA San Andreas apk. The cheat menu makes it the ideal hack for GTA SA. 😀

GTA SA Storyline

The GTA SA storyline incorporates the principle character Carl Johnson (CJ) who gets back situated in Los Santos during the mid 1990s. Now, his mom has been killed and he observes that his entire family has self-destructed and old beloved companions are demolishing their life by heading towards unlawful exercises, while the entire city is caught by horrible gangsters and individuals are associated with debasement and medications.

To observe reality behind his mom’s homicide and save his relatives, he goes the whole way to remake his old road posse (Groove Street Families), conflicts with the bad police, and recaptures command over the roads of Los Santos and encompassing regions by partaking in group fighting where he assumes control over the hostile areas. He additionally decreased how much medications being utilized inside the area.

Doing these aided CJ in acquiring a great deal of regard among his kindred companions and the local inhabitants. On the GTA San Andreas Android rendition, a large portion of the interactivity structure and the missions are practically indistinguishable from the first PC form yet designers have added a few redesigns and improvements to clean the game for cell phones.

They additionally added a much unrivaled draw distance, itemized and dynamic shadows, advanced shading range, improvement in vehicle models, and characters trying to make the game more streamlined for Android telephones and tablet gadgets.

Did you realize Rockstar Games have debilitated bypasses in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and you can not involve any cheats in the game? Yet, you can definitely relax, we have attempted a few applications that work and will assist you with empowering cheats and hacks in GTA San Andreas inside only seconds.

Year, 1997 – Grand Theft Auto

Year, 1999 – Grand Theft Auto London 1969

Year, 2001 – Grand Theft Auto III

Year, 2002 – Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Year, 2004 – Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Year, 2005 – Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories

Year, 2006 – Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories

Year, 2008 – Grand Theft Auto IV

Year, 2009 – Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars

Year, 2013 – Grand Theft Auto The Ballad of Gay Tony

Highlights and Notable Improvements in the Game

With the arrival of GTA San Andreas apk and the full form information for Android, the engineers behind the Rockstar Games incorporated various extra elements to improve the generally speaking ongoing interaction, especially for Android cell phones.

A portion of the striking upgrades and highlights are as per the following:

New Improvements: If you have played the past form in this series then you probably saw that the player can’t swim and used to get suffocated, yet with the most recent delivery Rockstar Games has permitted the player to investigate the ocean through swimming and different boats as well as the capacity to finish marine-based missions. All of which adds more prominent profundity to the game.

Alter and Customize Cars: The GTA SA has an astounding assortment of 200 and twelve vehicles, albeit these are partitioned into different classifications and types. Be that as it may, some of them are sports vehicles while others are standard ones however the game offers the choice to redo viewpoints and highlights of the vehicle like guards, side skirts, edges, body units, custom paint, nitrous, water power, and so forth.

Tremendous Collection of Vehicles: The game has a huge assortment of vehicles and vehicles from pretty much every class and type including SUVs and pickup trucks, sports vehicles, vans, modern and weighty vehicles, lowriders, cruisers, bicycles, airplane, hatchbacks, trains, cars, boats, and significantly more.

You will actually want to open a few vehicles and will actually want to open a couple through extraordinary missions or some are concealed in exceptional spots inside the guide. One of the most remarkable ones that can be utilized for transportation is the jetpack.

Wrongdoing and Robbery: This is perhaps the most sought-after mission remembered for this game, we can likewise call it a smaller than normal mission, where you are permitted to get close enough to the inhabitant’s homes and burglarize their resources. Quietly.

Without making any commotion. You can afterward sell those for a benefit. It is one of the vital wellsprings of producing a few fast bucks in the game, which can at last assist you with purchasing weapons, new garments, and surprisingly some nourishment for yourself.

Burning through Money: As we were looking at bringing in-game cash, which is the component that has been added to the game from the past couple of deliveries, notwithstanding, the main thing we had the option to purchase was the properties.

In any case, with the arrival of San Andreas, you can take care of your personality with a few food and beverages, get hair styles and tattoos, purchase suits, spend on the gambling club, get weapons and body reinforces for the missions and assignments that expect you to be furnished with better ammunition and arms to have the option to rapidly take out the adversaries.

Pack Wars and Territories: There is another idea presented in the game named Gang Warfare, or you can call it an additional undertaking, that expects you to dominate and catch an adversary posse’s region. Effectively doing this rewards you with cash and regard.

Additionally, the caught domains by the Groove Street Families are much more after to make a trip when contrasted with the ones involved by Ballas and Los Santos Vagos. Group wars can be set off in two ways for example by killing the adversaries or when the adversary gangster attempts to recover the region.

Unrivaled HD Graphics Quality: The Android rendition of GTA San Andreas gives prevalent quality designs and incredible goal, even on portable and tablet gadgets. The engineers have said to utilize a fictionalized variant of the conditions and milestones accepted from the first urban areas as well as U.S.- based states.

Cloud Gameplay Saving Capability: With this new capacity you can save the game onto the distributed storage inside the organization, which is then available from any of your associated gadgets including PC, Android, iOS, and different gadgets.

There is additionally an auto-saving choice that can consequently save your present game advancement directly into the chose autosave spot. However to have the option to partake in the cloud saving choice you should have to have a Rockstar Social Club participation.

Support for External Devices: To make the gaming experience much more noteworthy, the game has local help for a very long time regulators including HUD-agreeable USB regulators made by the MOGA series as well as the other Bluetooth-based regulators with simple sticks. Also, you can appreciate better command over your personality utilizing the on-screen contact control choices.

Similarity and System Support: Apart from the similarity with regulators and Bluetooth-based gamepads that might conceivably work on your ongoing interaction experience on cell phones, the framework support likewise helps in making the undeniably more playable for the greater part as a large portion of the gadgets these days are running essentially Android 7.0 Nougat.

Illustrations Quality and Improvements: GTA San Andreas apk for Android brings different designs settings and adaptability that permits you to play the game on the most noteworthy settings assuming you have a gadget with weighty specs, or you might bring down the designs settings to have the slack free gaming experience without thinking twice about the velocities.

Gigantic Gameplay: The open-world guide, number of missions and errands, alongside the little cash based assignments, the all out interactivity season of GTA SA is more than seventy hours, given that you are genius at the gaming and will actually want to follow through with every one of the jobs at a superior finish rate.

Since GTA San Andreas is an asset hungry game and consumes a ton of RAM and extra room, it is prescribed to restart your gadget and close all the running applications prior to playing the game. This will guarantee that the game performs well and doesn’t bring about any undesirable slacks and postponements.

Terrific Theft Auto San Andreas Android Device Requirements

Assuming you are checking out the game as far as the extra room it consumes, then, at that point, you will be glad to realize that GTA San Andreas isn’t a space-consuming game.

In any case, for the individuals who are wanting to run this game on a more seasoned gadget, here we have assembled the rundown where you can track down all the base and suggested Android gadget prerequisites.

Least Android Requirements:

Most of the more up to date Android gadgets, including tablets and cell phones, accompanies basically 3GB of RAM and more than 64GB of inner stockpiling as the help for the outer SD card is becoming old. So here are the base prerequisites to introduce and run GTA SA on Android:

Working System

Android 7.0 Nougat or above.

RAM      1.5 GB

Capacity Space  Approximately 2.5 GB

Suggested Android Requirements:

For the suggested Android prerequisites, we have made a tablet where you can observe the necessities that will permit you to play the game on greatest illustrations settings and the designs or game won’t slack regardless of whether you are in a few outrageous conditions like bunches of blasts.

So here are the specs to ensure the game chugs along as expected on your gadget:

Working System

Android 7.0 Nougat or above.

RAM      2 GB

Capacity Space  At least 2.5 GB

CPU       1.8 GHz Octa Core

GPU       Adreno 506

Albeit the game was initially delivered back in December 2013, and until this point in time, it has been one of the most famous games among the activity and experience put together RPG game devotees based with respect to the astounding storyline and supreme designs.


In this segment, we will answer each of your regularly posed inquiries connected with GTA San Andreas for Android cell phone and tablet gadgets:

Is GTA San Andreas accessible for Android?

Indeed, it is accessible for Android. The GTA San Andreas for Android incorporates every one of the elements that are accessible in different adaptations like PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The interactivity, missions, and story are by and large something very similar. Additionally, there are no in-application buys.

Is the game multiplayer?

Fantastic Theft Auto San Andreas can be played in the two ways for example as a solitary player and multiplayer, utilizing the internet based Rockstar games account. It is for the most part seen that players normally appreciate playing in multiplayer mode alongside their companions as it gives a superior gaming experience.

Is the game viable with all stages?

The GTA SA is completely viable with practically every one of the at present dynamic stages including Android, PlayStation, Windows PC, and Xbox gaming consoles.

Is the GTA San Andreas game worth playing on Android?

On the off chance that you have at any point played past forms of Grand Theft Auto, you will cherish GTA San Andreas and having the option to play on a versatile cell phone gives a more prominent encounter clear sound, fresh illustrations, same highlights as the PC form, and cloud saving capacity. All of which has accumulated positive responses.

What is the surmised record size of GTA SA Android?

The APK record size is around 16 MB while the OBB information document size is 1.9 GB. Once introduced, the GTA San Andreas consumes around 2.5 GB of extra room on Android. For ideal execution, it is prescribed to have basically 4GB to 5GB of free extra room accessible to ensure the game performs with practically no slack or issues.

Are there any games like San Andreas for Android?

There are a couple including Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, Grand Gangsters 3D, Gangster Vegas: World of Crime. These gaming titles for Android are activity and experience based RPG games where you can find open-world guides like the GTA SA.

What's new

Please Note: For those currently progressing through the game, please load your game from a manual save slot instead of selecting “Resume”. This only needs to done once after updating. Afterwards, “Resume” will function normally.

General bug fixes and improvements.


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